South End Zone Help

If you're having any troubles with the South End Zone web site, please let me know so I can take a look. I recently turned on some rate limiting features to deny access to abusive servers. In doing so, I may have denied access to servers that aren't actually abusive (it's complicated). There are two types of access to the site that I'm concerned about:


If you're having trouble browsing, please email me the details and include your IP address. Sometimes it helps me to know what browser you're using and what type of device. You can find your IP address here: What's my IP address?

Calendar Events

If you can't see updated events on your calendar, please email me the details and include the name of the calendar that you use. Also let me know how you're viewing your calendar (web, mobile device, etc).

Please know that I'm working hard to keep the site going amid continuing abuse by some servers. I want to make sure you have all the access you need to enjoy the site. I appreciate any assistance you can provide as I work through any issues.


Scott Crevier
South End Zone Facebook
April 19, 2019